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First Languages Australia has been working with language centres and programs around the country in developing Junyirri: A framework for planning community language projects.

Junyirri has been prepared by First Languages Australia at the request of the Australian Government, Attorney-General’s Department, Ministry for the Arts, Indigenous Languages and Arts Program.

Junyirri is intended to guide people in thinking about their current language situation, their aspirations for the use of language in their community, what assets their community has available, and the types of language programs that might be suitable for their situation.

It draws on the shared experience of many different languages projects and programs within Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities across Australia.

Junyirri will help to:
•    Assess your current language situation
•    Define your community’s language goals
•    List the assets the community has to help them reach their goals
•    Consider whether training will help reach the goals.
•    Choose a language project based on the available community assets
•    Make an assessment of the likely outcomes of the chosen project type
•    Define where project outcomes fit in relation to the broader goals
•    Write key performance indicators for a funding submission, based on a chosen project.

The title Junyirri was contributed by Gary Williams, from the Muurrbay Aboriginal Language and Culture Cooperative. ‘Junyirri’ has a similar meaning to ‘talking together’, ‘conversing’ or ‘in conversation’ in the Gumbaynggirr language. It is pronounced jun-yirri; with the ‘u’ as in ‘put’, ‘i’ as in ‘bit’, and emphasis on the first syllable.

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