First Languages Australia is thrilled to announce an exciting collaboration with ABC TV's longstanding children's program Playschool.

Filming of the first episode in a new language series for the ever-popular "Through the Window" segment has just been completed. The segment will be broadcast on Friday the 24th August at 9AM on ABCKids.

Terri-lee Darcy from the Miromaa Language and Technology Centre in Newcastle, NSW developed a story about a day out fishing and choreographed a dance to be performed and narrated by a group of Aboriginal school children.

"We are coastal and lake people," Terri-lee explains.

Most of the story is in English, with key words in Awabakal, the language originally spoken in what is now the Newcastle/Lake Macquarie region.

Terri-lee and Suzy Moffitt from FLA worked with a group of energetic youngsters from Edgeworth Primary School. Over six weeks the kids rehearsed over and over.

"The school was very enthusiastic," says Suzy, "very supportive."

The Aboriginal Education Officer at the school also played an active role, assisting throughout rehearsals as well as on the day of filming.

FLA had been in discussions for some time with the producers of Playschool about the possibility of including first languages in the renowned program.

"The collaboration will be ongoing," says Faith Baisden, Coordinator of FLA. "This is such an important step in the education of the next generation of Australian children."

Meanwhile, the kids at Edgeworth can't wait to watch themselves on Playschool.