Continuing the collaboration between First Languages Australia and the ABC to give extensive coverage to our languages, our newest project will produce videos that tell the story behind Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander place names.

People will be invited to contribute a short video they have made about a place name or to connect with your local ABC filmmaker who will work with community to produce the video. The ownership of the videos will remain with the community, and be shared across ABC and First Languages Australia platforms.


The National Place Names project is gaining great strength from community-driven initiatives, with increasing public and media interest. Our congratulations to the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre and Dhurumbal community for the great coverage of their recent achievements. 


These results reflect the direction of this project, to see the original names increasing used within local communities and transitioning to use by local authorities.
Recent place names in the news:

  • Two Queensland mountains to be renamed
  • A new name for Hobart