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Members of First Languages Australia and the Queensland Indigenous Languages Advisory Committee (QILAC) presented to a meeting attended by nearly all departments in the Queensland Government to help shape the content of the Queensland Indigenous Languages Policy.

The meeting, which was opened by the Director-General of the Department Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Partnerships, Chris Sarra, invited representatives from all Queensland Government departments to discuss the incorporation of appropriate services recognising and supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages into their operations. There was discussion of how this could be achieved in critical areas such as Health, Justice, Police, Arts and Education, with all departments being asked to look at current services and practices related to first languages.

Joyce Bonner, Chair of the Queensland Indigenous Languages Advisory Committee, told the meeting of the connection between the use of first languages and improved health and social outcomes within Queensland communities.

First Languages Australia Director Melinda Holden, guided people to understand the level of passion and commitment that has been shown by people in their home communities as they are working to ensure that younger generations are being taught their languages.

Consultations will continue around the state towards the drafting of the policy.