Junyirri: A framework for planning community language projects has been produced to
support community language planning toward a long-term vision. Input from language
centres around the country has been essential in ensuring that the framework is useful in
all language contexts.
Junyirri can be used to identify:
▪ community aspirations for language use,
▪ the available assets, and
▪ the types of programs that might be suitable for a particular situation.

The framework has been designed to help community members to:
1. Define their community’s language goals
2. List the assets the community has to help reach the goals
3. Choose a project based on the available assets
4. Make an assessment of the likely outcomes of the chosen project, and
5. Define where a project fits in relation to the community’s broader goals.

First Languages Australia is extremely grateful to all the language centres and workers who
contributed their knowledge and expertise to the document.
We hope that it will help you on your language journey.

Download Junyirri PDF.