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As part of our ongoing work in training and career development for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people working in language programs, First Languages Australia has developed this registry of people engaged in language work.

The aim of the registry is to connect people, and to help First Languages Australia provide support for workers in whatever role they fill - through targeted information services, training opportunities and the chance to network with others working in a similar role. Gakal is also a tool with which language centres and other organisations can identify and employ people with specialised language skills and experience.

Gakal includes those who are employed by language centres, media organisations, community organisations and schools as well as people who are self-employed and providing a range of language services.

The register showcases the diverse skills and expertise held by people working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages. Language workers can join register at any time via this link,

'Gakal' is pronounced 'ga' like gut and 'kal' like cull. This word is from the Yolŋu Matha languages of North East Arnhem Land, Northern Territory, and has lots of different meanings. It was chosen for this website because it can mean skill or knowledge - related to language, work, hunting, law, etc. It can be used to describe one person, or an organisation or group or clan. The word is used as a person's experience and leadership grows. This word was provided by Yolŋu staff at ARDS Aboriginal Corporation.

Kapi tjukurla by Nora Nyutjanka Davidson
Kapi tjukurla by Nora Nyutjanka Davidson
© Nora Nyutjanka Davidson. Papulankutja Artists
Licensed by the Copyright Agency, 2021