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Wangkaku Nintirri: Learn for the sake of our languages is a series of short training films to support language worker skill development in the following three areas:

  • Film 1: Working with speakers to record natural speech (13 mins)
  • Film 2: Transcribing for Language Workers (10 mins)
  • Film 3: Parts of Speech for Language Workers (15 mins)

The films have been produced in collaboration with the Goldfields Aboriginal Language Centre. Each includes theory, demonstrations and quizzes and is accompanied by worksheets to support the learning

You can veiw the films below or share them via the showcase.

Film 1 : Working with speakers to record natural speech

Tjupan language speaker, Edie Ulrich, will talk about sound linguistic protocols for recording natural speech with language speakers. Edie talks about how to make the elicitation sessions enjoyable for everyone whilst gathering the maximum linguistic material, how to manage your own feelings and ensure the elicitation session stays on-task.


Film 2 : Transcribing for language workers

Tjupan language speaker, Edie Ulrich, talks about how to transcribe speech from an elicitation session, what to include in the transcripts, marking time codes, using Audacity as an audio playback tool, how to work on noise and click reductions, and  how to export segments of an audio. Sound linguistic protocols are used to follow for managing transcriptions.



Film 3 : Parts of Speech for language workers

This film looks at the parts of speech that may be found in languages - verbs and conjugations, nouns, pronouns, descriptors/adjectives and adverbs, and prepositions/post positions in an easy to understand way.


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